News 4/14/08

Logan Motorsports 3V Intake Logan Motorsports 3V Intake

Our new 3V intake manifold is up and running! Continuing on the success of our 4.6 2V intake manifold, our new 3V intake manifold is designed to provide you with the high quality and storming performance you've come to expect from Logan Motorsports. If you want the ultimate in 4.6 3V performance, there is only one place to go.

News 4/11/08

Logan Motorsports has moved into our new facility! As the demand for our fabricated intake manifolds has increased, it was necessary to improve our facilities to ensure that we can maintain the highest quality standards. In addition to this, our new facility continues in our tradition of offering dyno testing/tuning services. Whether it is building custom engines, building custom vehicles, or getting that daily driver to run just right, Logan Motorsports can deliver. You can find our new address here.

News 1/23/08

Logan Motorsports is adding to the success of our 4.6 2V intake manifold by expanding our intake manifold range to include the 4.6 4V and 4.6 3V. Our goal is to offer the highest quality intake manifolds for the modular engine family. In addition to this, we are going to offer custom intake manifold fabrication services for all modular engines. From street machine to race car, Logan Motorsports will be your one stop modular manifold source. For more information check out the products section of our page.

Logan Motorsports' 4.6 2V Intake Manifold
As seen in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords!

The Logan Motorsports 2V intake manifold is the first 2V manifold designed from the start as a no compromise alternative for very high performance street cars or even race cars. It offers unparalled top end power combined with little to no loss in lower rpm performance. Your 2V no longer has to "run out of breath" above 6000 rpm, and with massive gains between 4000 and 7000+ RPM it is now possible to have a 2V with an incredibly broad powerband. Read more about it here.

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